Washing Machine Tips – What You Need to Consider Before Fixing Your Washer

When fixing your washing machine, there are always risks. Mishaps can happen. You might even ruin your washer even more. If you want to avoid these from happening, you have to consider a few pre-repair washing machine tips.

1. Inspect your washer and assess the damages. Some things can be done without having to call the repair man. You can change the belt or unclog the drain. But electrical and programming problems are kind of difficult. Even testing the switch of your washer is a little tricky. You will need a voltmeter to know if it is still working. Before attempting anything, make sure you know what you are really doing kenmore washer repair los angeles.

2. Ask someone to help you out. Whether they can help you fix the washer or carry it, you need someone to assist you. They can help hand some tools to you while fixing your washer.

3. Unplug the washer first and let it rest for a few minutes before doing anything. Unplugging the washer is not enough most of the time. Some brands of laundry appliances still circulate current a few minutes after unplugging. You should wait for a few minutes for the current to die down.

4. Dry your hands completely. You might also want to use rubber gloves while fixing. If there is still current, your chances of getting shocked are higher if your hands are wet.

5. Wear comfortable footwear with rubber soles. There are two reasons why you would choose this footwear. The first one is for preventing you from slipping if you step on a puddle of water. The second one is to avoid electric shocks. Rubber is not a good conductor of energy.

6. Get a clean towel and fold it. Kneel on the towel while you are fixing the machine or replacing the belt.

7. Do not pull your washer roughly forward when attempting to remove the back panel. The proper way to move your appliance is to lift it with the help of your assistant or to walk it forward. Lift and push one side and do the same to the other side. Remove the water hose and the drain hose first.

8. Set aside the screws and the hoses you have disconnected on one place so you will not lose them. Make sure you know how and where to place the parts back.

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