How to Find the Parts That You Need For Your Appliances

Jenn Air appliances became available in the marketplace in 1961 with the debut of the self-ventilated cooktop range. Since their introduction in 1961, they have continued to offer new and well-designed kitchen appliances. Consumers have been notably pleased with the design and quality of Jenn Air Appliances. Some of the more popular stylish appliances that they design include refrigerators, ranges, cooktop stoves, dishwashers and dryers. Jenn Air has changed ownership over the years, once in 1982 when purchased by Maytag, and again in 1982 when sold to Whirlpool whirlpool dishwasher repair los angeles.


If you own a Jenn Air Stove or Cooktop range, you can enjoy the benefits of grilling indoors. During the life of the appliance, you may need parts to replace your cartridge, knobs, burners, drip bowls, igniters, bake and broil elements, grates and grills, valves or thermostats.

Your Jenn Air Refrigerator may eventually need some replacement parts to continue functioning at an optimal level. Some of the parts that you may eventually need are knobs, handles, drawers, shelves, water filters, ice makers, gaskets, valves, thermostats and defrost heaters.

A dishwasher isn’t a necessity, but when it breaks down, it sure isn’t fun doing those dishes by hand! Your Jenn Air Dishwasher may eventually need some replacement parts some of which include baskets, dish racks, rollers, wash arms, latches, gaskets, panels, door seals, switches, water tubes and inlets, pumps and valves.

When you Clothes Dryer quits working, it can wreak havoc upon the household! Your teenager is probably having a meltdown because their favorite jeans are washed but not dry! Your repair may be a simple one requiring only knobs, belts, rollers, switches or lint filters Or it may be more complicated and need a heating element, glides, bearings, fuses, thermostats and blower wheels.


Jenn-Air products are distributed by the manufacturers, but there are several other options for finding authentic replacement parts for your appliance. There are many appliance parts distributors that carry Jenn-Air appliance parts and offer reasonable shipping costs. Some even offer a repair forum where you can ask specific installation questions. Your local hardware store will also be able to order a replacement part for you, but you may be able to save some money by ordering online yourself.


Caution should be taken when attempting to install any electrical parts on your appliance. However, the cost savings can be considerable, so if you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, or willing to learn, there are many online repair forums that will guide you through the installation process. Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable attempting the repair yourself, you can certainly hire a certified service repair person to do the work for you. If you know what type of replacement part that you need, it may save you some money to order it online yourself. Then if you are not comfortable installing it yourself, find a family member or friend who has done this type of repair, and ask for their assistance. Most people are more than willing to help and flattered to be asked!

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